The PMR’s President: “The PMR's MFA is one of the most effective ministries of the republic, according to the results and amount of the work”


The head of state Yevgeny Shevchuk took part in the expanded session of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry Collegium

Today, during the expanded session of the Foreign Ministry Collegium President Yevgeny Shevchuk made ​​a welcoming speech in which he highly appreciated the efficiency of the Foreign Ministry. Here is the full text of the speech of the President:

“Dear minister, diplomats, guests! Diplomacy is the realization of state foreign policy course. I note that the effectiveness of the activity of the Foreign Ministry’s diplomats of the PMR has increased significantly over the past period. Let me remind you that these are the participation in the elaboration of proposals for the releasing the railway of the PMR, the conclusion of a number of memoranda with the Russian Federation, facilitating the implementation of projects of the ANO “Eurasian integration”. Serious work was carried out on the negotiating platform in the “5 + 2” format. An amount of the initiatives proposed by the Pridnestrovian diplomats far exceeds the proposals of the diplomats participating in the format “5 + 2””.

Given the current situation, a huge layer of examination of issues related to foreign economic activities, becomes increasingly important as for economic agents, so for the state as a whole, and is a priority of the Foreign Ministry’s work in the near future.

As for the current period, the scope of tasks expands, also in connection with the situation at the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border, in particular. This is a constraint in the movement of citizens of Pridnestrovie through this part of the border, and making unilateral decisions of Ukraine outside the framework of the 1997 memorandum that involve restrictive measures against economic agents of the PMR. This situation also makes the MFA’s staff together with other ministries to deal with problems that citizens and economic entities set out in their statements.

With regard to  the negotiations in the “5 + 2” format, I would like to note that in 2014 our partners in the Republic of Moldova through their actions still continue efforts to block banking activity, transport companies, freight traffic activity by Pridnestrovian transport. These actions are systemic, causing serious damage to the Pridnestrovian economy and affecting the well-being of the citizens of Pridnestrovie. The strategy of our initiatives in the “5 + 2” format aims to open interaction with partners, good-neighborliness, without borders and restrictions for the movement of goods, people, banking services, operations. We express our support for assistance in expanding bilateral trade without discrimination and selectivity depending on the location of enterprises and a place of residence of a citizen, without increasing tension, the efforts of partners, leading to expansion of poverty in Pridnestrovie, reduction of opportunities for dialogue. We offer the neighbours to proceed to address problematic issues of the economy, mutually respectful and mutually advantageous search for appropriate compromises that will be aimed at enhancing economic opportunities for our neighbours. This is what citizens living in our neighboring countries and economic agents expect from us. I am confident that this approach has a serious prospect. We offer our partners to change the ideology, abandon the sustained economic strangulation and proceed to the positive ideology, namely- mutually beneficial cooperation, what will minimize the impact of external problems, which sometimes are created artificially.

I want to point out a serious amount of work of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry concerning the promotion in providing cultural exchange with neighbouring and other states. This is a serious layer of ​​work that is carried out by employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in assisting other ministries in expanding humanitarian cooperation.

According to the results and the amount of work, the PMR's MFA is one of the most effective ministries, whose members are in the area of ​​special attention of special services of Ukraine and Moldova. In these circumstances the Foreign Ministry’s staff cope with the increased load, performs it professionally, not inferior to the colleagues from the foreign ministries of other countries. It is necessary to recognize and thank the entire Ministry for the results of work in 2014, for the successes that we have in this complex conditions.

I would like to dwell on some figures that objectively reflect the situation in terms of correlation between the scope, responsibility of the functions carrying out by the diplomatic staff and the financing of the ministry. 7,383 PMR rubles were allocated from the budget for the maintenance of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011 (78 employees). In 2014 – 5,865 PMR rubles (56 employees).

The state believes that in the future, despite all the foreign policy difficulties, the diplomats will continue to show their professionalism, achieving and realizing tasks of the state”.