Head of State Approves New Foreign Policy Concept

Head of State Approves New Foreign Policy Concept

The President of Pridnestrovie approved new Foreign Policy Concept of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic having signed relevant Decree today. http://president.gospmr.ru/ru/news/ukaz-prezidenta-pmr-no766-ob-utverzhdenii-koncepcii-vneshney-politiki-pridnestrovskoy

The document fixes foreign political course of the state defined by the people of the PMR and reflects the national idea of Pridnestrovie – Eurasian Integration. It is based on the will of the Pridnestrovian people expressed at the Referendum held on September 17, 2006, when Pridnestrovian citizens voted in favor of Republic's independence and subsequent rapprochement with Russia.

Negotiation process is specified as the second priority of Republic's foreign policy, with the principles and goals of the negotiation process remaining unchanged: search for mutually acceptable solutions on the whole range of bilateral relations by the two equal sides of the conflict – Pridnestrovie and Moldova.  

Main directions of the Pridnestrovian foreign policy were improved. New version of the Concept puts in the forefront and for the first time clearly emphasizes relations with the Russian Federation. This is followed by development of relations of Pridnestrovie with Ukraine and Moldova. Then – strengthening of relations with Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorny Karabakh and only after this – with other states and international organizations.

New Foreign Policy Concept of Pridnestrovie declares inviolability of current peacekeeping format, stands for is maintenance and development “until fair, comprehensive and final political settlement of the conflict between Moldova and Pridnestrovie is achieved”

Particular attention in the document is given to issues relating to the image of our state, implementation of information policy as an important direction of foreign political activity of our Republic. From now on, it will be aimed at protection of state interests, getting over to the international public topical information about current processes and tendencies in the Republic, as well as ensuring information security in conditions of unsettled conflict with the Republic of Moldova.

Let us recall that the new version of the Foreign Policy Concept of Pridnestrovie became the result of joint work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR and other relevant ministries and institutions of the Republic, scientific and business circles of the Republic, representatives of civil society of the PMR. While working on draft Concept, constructive proposals were received from the Ministry of Economic Development, deputies of the Supreme Council,  Union of Moldovans of Pridnestrovie, Association of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie, Public Chamber of the PMR, Pridnestrovian State University after T.G. Shevchenko, Joint Control Commission, Commissioner for Human Rights in the PMR, Representation of the Republic of Abkhazia in Pridnestrovie, as well as from  Pridnestrovian citizens. Pridnestrovian MFA hosted three meetings of Public-Expert Council, during which the document's structure was developed, received proposal were discussed, and amendments to the first draft of the document proposed by Pridnestrovian diplomats were introduced. Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranged extensive public discussion of the draft document in and outside Republic.

Draft Concept was highly assessed y representatives of Russian Academic Community. Positive assessment was given in the Russian Foreign Ministry. In particular, Russian diplomat Sergey Gubarev and Vitaly Tryapitsyn called the document “a significant foundation for elaboration and practical realization of foreign political course of Pridnestrovie”. Chairperson of the Committee of State Duma of the Russian Federation for property issues, Coordinator of Interfactional Parliamentary Group for interaction with Supreme Council of Pridnestrovie Sergey Gavrilov when visiting Pridnestrovie called Pridnestrovian Eurasian Project “a very interesting initiative in the post-Soviet space”.

As a result, President of the PMR signed the paper which had received extensive support in the Pridnestrovian society and high evaluations of expert community of Pridnestrovie and Russia.

Let us recall, that previous Foreign Policy Concept of the PMR was approved in 2005. According to some Pridnestrovian experts, its provisions didn't take into consideration changed modern realities, in particular, results of Referendum of September 17, 2006.