Comment by the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with some statements of Moldovan President Igor Dodon


The PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs drew attention to some statements of the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon, related to the problems of the final political settlement of relations between Moldova and Pridnestrovie.

The PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted a very progressive initiative for the Moldovan political system to hold a national referendum in Moldova. As we all know, only the parliament takes all principal state decisions in the Republic of Moldova since the dissolution of the USSR. In particular, the Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan SSR legally renounced the territory of Pridnestrovie by adopting the Declaration of Sovereignty on June 23, 1990, which approved the supremacy of Moldovan laws over the union ones, as well as the decision to recognize the creation of the MSSR as illegal. In this regard, the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds that Moldova already made clear regulatory decisions in relation to Pridnestrovie at the official level 28 years ago.

An attempt to deal with various issues at the national referendum is “something new” in the policy of Moldova. According to the popular protests in the Republic of Moldova, it would be much more popular to put really acute and significant issues for Moldovan citizens to the national vote, connected with the choice of the further development vector.

The PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs also notes that as of 2018, 7 referendums have been held in Pridnestrovie on principled state-significant issues, including the adoption of a course to obtain independence, the adoption of the country’s Constitution, and the consolidation of its further development vector approved by the results of the referendum of 17 September 2006 as “independence and subsequent free accession to the Russian Federation”. The high level of the development of procedures of direct democracy allows the entire people of Pridnestrovie to determine their own country’s destiny on a truly national level without dividing citizens by nationality, language of communication or the presence of another nationality.

In this context, the proposal of the President of the Republic of Moldova to determine the development path of the neighboring Pridnestrovian state by a majority vote of Moldovan citizens seems to be contradictory to the basic principles of democracy and has absolutely nothing to do with the realistic mechanism for finding the final formula for a political settlement of the conflict.

The PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that the Pridnestrovian people, as the owner of sovereignty and the only source of power, have already made their free, independent choice.

The Foreign Ministry also draws attention to the fact that the presence of Russian soldiers on the territory of the PMR, mentioned by the President of Moldova, is also established in the PMR at the legislative level following the results of the national referendum held in 1995. In this regard, the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that the Pridnestrovian side is absolutely against the withdrawal of the peacekeeping forces of the Russian Federation from the territory of the PMR.