Congratulation of Pridnestrovian President on the 25th anniversary of formation of the republic


Dear Pridnestrovians, compatriots!

I congratulate you on the 25th anniversary of formation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic!


On the second of September, 1990 during the second Congress of deputies of all levels the creation of Pridnestrovie was proclaimed. And today we celebrate the 25th anniversary as the most important public holiday and glorious date.

Pridnestrovians remain loyal to the chosen way for a quarter of the century. They create, advance, and increase what our predecessors had created. We defended our independence on the battlefield, in whirlblast of economic vicissitudes, went through ordeals and adversities, didn't faltered and didn't lose heart because we are spiritually a rich Pridnestrovian nation which honours history, traditions and is closely connected by blood ties with our common Homeland – Russia.

Dear Pridnestrovians! Allow me to wish you happiness, wellbeing, family warmth and the peaceful skies over the head!

Happy holiday, Pridnestrovians!


President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic                                         Y.V. Shevchuk