Comment by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic expresses restrained optimism in connection with the refusal of the European Union to prolong sanctions in respect of the representatives of the leadership of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic expressed in prohibition of entry and movement through the territory of the EU.

It is obvious that the regime of sanctions and pressure shown towards one of the sides of the negotiation process did not promote the creation of the atmosphere of confidence between the sides of the conflict and created additional tension in the relations between Tiraspol and Kishinev not allowing the representatives of the sides to lead the dialogue on mutually acceptable basis enjoying equal rights.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR noticed that the language of sanctions and restrictions admitted by certain international actors in their practice is not adequate neither the situation in conflict settlement, nor the realities of contemporary international interaction.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR welcomes the recognition by the European Union of the progress in settlement of relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. From the moment of resumption of official consultations in the format of “Permanent Consultations” in November 2011 Tiraspol and Kishinev made a considerable amount of work on finding of stable base for achievement of compromises in socio-economical and humanitarian-legal spheres.

This year all Pridnestrovian schools without any exceptions, without differentiation on the ground of national origin or on any other basis, began academic activity in time. At the same time, the fact that international society turns a blind eye to continuing tendency of closing of Moldovan schools with education on Russian language arouses vigilance.

Pridnestrovie paid attention to the fact that the threat of resumption of sanctions was not removed completely. We are sure that the European Union and the USA as the observers to the negotiation process while declaring their adherence to peaceful political settlement of the conflict should leave the practice of “double standards” and not to make further attempts of pressure on one of the sides. “Principles and procedures of negotiation process” exclude the possibility of making of unilateral and restrictive steps. The European Union and the USA as the observers welcomed the present document in their joint statement. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR expresses hope on the constructive approach and readiness to follow coordinated principles of interactions will find its' reflection in real actions of the participants involved in the process of settlement.