Results of the Meeting between the President of Pridnestrovie and Prime-Minister of Moldova

Results of the Meeting between the President of Pridnestrovie and Prime-Minister of Moldova

According to the Press-Service of the President of the PMR, today in Kishinev President of Pridnestrovie Yevgeny Shevchuk and Prime-Minister of the Republic of Moldova Vlad Filat signed a supplementary protocol on prolongation of the Protocol Decision on the Principles of Resumption of a Full-Scale Freight Railway Communication through the Territory of Pridnestrovie, from March 30, 2012. Protocol Decision was the result of long and hard work of representatives of the Republic of Moldova and Pridnestrovie at all levels, from field experts up to the level of senior political leadership of the sides. On the initiative of the Pridnestrovian side, validity period of the Protocol Decision was extended for the next twelve months.

The signing of the Protocol Decision first of all made it possible to considerably improve economic situation for a number of enterprises on both banks of the Dniester River. This happened primarily due to optimization of existing railway routs, reduction of transit of cargoes in the majority of cases, creation of necessary logistic conditions for the functioning of enterprises of the sides working for export.

Thus, from April 26 till August 22, 1354 freight cars or 86.1 thousand tones of cargo of the Pridnestrovian enterprises were shipped from Rybnitsa station towards Slobodka station and, which is more important, export of products of OAO “Rybnitsa Cement Plant” was resumed for the first time since 2008. Expenditures of the Pridnestrovian enterprises for transportation of goods were reduced twofold.

During the same period of time, for the first time since 2004, 121.7 thousand tones of transit cargo moved via Pridnestrovie.

Thus, we should admit unquestionable economic expediency of implementation of the decision made for both sides.

At the same time, one shouldn't deny contribution which implementation of this Protocol Decision makes to the strengthening of atmosphere of trust between Moldova and Pridnestrovie. Protocol Decision is widely supported not only by businessmen inside Moldova and Pridnestrovie, but also by representatives of international community.

Even despite technical problems, in particular connected with requirements of legislations of the sides, arising in the course of implementation of the Protocol Decision from March 30, political representatives were able to “settle” emerging difficulties in a working and expeditious manner. This also gave significant momentum to the strengthening of atmosphere of cooperation and dialogue between political representatives.