On the Meeting between the Pridnestrovian and Moldovan Human Rights Experts


On November 22, a meeting of human rights expert (working) subgroups was held via videoconference.

Apart from the human rights matters currently handled at the level of field specialists, the Pridnestrovian delegation drew the participants’ attention to the massively violated rights of the PMR residents as a result of the ban introduced by Moldova and Ukraine on the movement of Pridnestrovian vehicles, including reanimobiles. These include the fundamental rights to free movement, entrepreneurial activity and qualified medical care.

The Pridnestrovian representatives voiced concern as to the continued practice of the politically motivated criminal prosecution of the Pridnestrovian officials by the Moldovan security agencies and called for the Republic of Moldova’s respective commitments to be fulfilled within the framework of the negotiation process. The situation with the illegal conviction of Pridnestrovian citizen Andrei Samony in Moldova was separately addressed.