On the Meeting with Foreign Diplomats


Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR met with the heads and representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova.

During the online event, Vitaly Ignatiev informed interlocutors in detail about the crisis situation in the field of transport that got further aggravated when Moldova and Ukraine announced the ban on movement for vehicles with Pridnestrovian license plates. The diplomat highlighted problematic aspects and artificial barriers that impede the effective implementation of the April 24, 2018, agreed mechanism on Pridnestrovian vehicles participating in international traffic; among these barriers, restrictions within the VRO’s operation, driver's licenses issues and passenger transportation are of specific concern.

Conducting the conversation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR brought to the attention of foreign diplomats Pridnestrovie’s position and proposals on the settlement of existing problems and asked for assistance in resolving them exclusively at the negotiating table.