Sergey Gubarev, «I like the course carried out by Yevgeny Shevchuk”


As we informed earlier on, a press-briefing for public mass media of Pridnestrovie with the participation of Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Gubarev and Deputy Director of the Second Department for the CIS-countries of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vitaly Tryapitsyn took place on October 13, 2012.



In the course of the meeting representatives of Pridnestrovian mass media put questions about topical processes and events connected with implementation of the foreign political course of Pridnestrovie.





In his discourse with the journalists, Sergey Gubarev gave positive assessment to the course of economic and administrative transformations towards economic capacity building of Pridnestrovie. According to the Russian diplomat, the time is ripe for carrying out radical economic reforms which will eventually allow solution also of political issues. “I like the course carried out by Yevgeny Vasilievich very much. Pridnestrovie should first of all carry out radical economic transformations. Afterwards many political issues will disappear by themselves,” he told. “Economy underlies a great majority of political decisions. Pridnestrovie has no other way but to carry out fundamental changes,” the Russian diplomat stressed.


Sergey Gubarev assured journalists with the fact that Russia won't stand aside from solution of socio-economic problems of Pridnestrovie. “Russia is ready to render any possible help and assistance but on a Chinese principle, “The best way to help a hungry man is to give him a fishing pole, not a fish,” the diplomat told concluding the conversation.