Newly Appointed German\'s Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Visits Pridnestrovian MFA

Newly Appointed German\'s Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Visits Pridnestrovian MFA
Newly Appointed German\'s Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Visits Pridnestrovian MFA

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR hosted a meeting of head of foreign office of Pridnestrovie Nina Shtanski with newly appointed Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Germany to the Republic of Moldova Matthias Meyer and Deputy Head of German's Embassy in the Republic of Moldova Carsten Wilms. Vitaly Ignatiev, Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR, also participated in the meeting.

This visit by Matthias Meyer to Pridnestrovie is of a familiarization character. On August 21, 2012, he replaced Berthold Johannes as German Ambassador to Moldova thus having become the sixth German Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova. Formerly Matthias Meyer was Ambassador to Tajikistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan and Libya.

In the course of the meeting, Nina Shtanski expressed her view that this first visit by Ambassador will initiate constructive and dynamic cooperation between the offices. She highly estimated positive involvement of Germany in assisting representatives of Pridnestrovie and Moldova in organization of meetings, inter alia at the level of expert groups of the sides.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR told the guests about the situation in the negotiation process and difficulties faced by the Pridnestrovian side today in terms of free movement of citizens, passenger transportations by motor vehicles, issuance of permissive documents by the Moldovan side and problems in the banking sphere. “It's completely obvious that Germany as a member state of the European Union should treat Pridnestrovie as an equal party together with Moldova, as far as we are exactly the sides in the negotiation process and our equality was fixed in documents,” Nina Shtanski told.

Participants of the meeting discussed also prospects of stepping-up cooperation between Pridnestrovie and Germany in cultural and trade and economic spheres. According to the Minister, major part in commodity turnover of Pridnestrovie in the EU falls on Germany, and Pridnestrovian production is in great demand abroad.

Nina Shtanski told also that Pridnestrovie is interested in attraction of German investors. The Minister, “At the beginning of this year republic's leadership undertook a whole number of measures aimed to improve investment climate in Pridnestrovie”. According to Nina Shtanski, primarily reforms concerning fair domestic arbitration, tax legislation, and considerable decrease of bureaucratic obstacles for business organizations in Pridnestrovie were carried out. “These measures will allow us to strengthen relations with our trade partners,” the Minister assured.

Pridnestrovian MFA pays particular attention to development of trade-economic relations of the state. Let us recall that this subject was also raised on October 11, 2012, at the meeting between Nina Shtanski and Swedish Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Ingrid Tersman, who noted that Pridnestrovie exports high quality and competitive production.

At the end the meeting, leadership of the Pridnestrovian MFA and German Ambassador agreed on the intention to develop fruitful cooperation in the defined areas.