On the Meeting of PMR’s MFA Leadership with an Italian Writer

On the Meeting of PMR’s MFA Leadership with an Italian Writer

On May 5, 2012 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitaly Ignatiev held a meeting with Italian writer, publicist and explorer Riccardo Orizio. The scholar is currently working on the text of a book in which he is going to describe the countries which have not yet achieved full-scale international recognition of their independence.

As part of his research Ricardo Orizio is going to visit Abkhazia, South Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Mayotte Island, etc. Separate chapter of the book is going to be devoted to each country. Mister Orizio expressed opinion that Western Media still lack unbiased objective data on political, economic and cultural life of Pridnestrovie. Writer pointed out that he is going to abstract from dominant point of view which exists in the West in order to conduct objective independent research.

Paradox situation when unrecognized States often look more real and completed than those which are internationally recognized is going to be one of the major aspects, Italian publicist is going to reflect in his work.

Italian guest expressed interest in inner political problems of Pridnestrovie. Answering his questions, Vitaly Ignatiev noted that current leadership of the Republic is presented by people who were born and grew up in Pridnestrovie. They remember the sources and reasons for conflict with Moldova, the War of 1992, they know the problems of Pridnestrovian society from within and set the building of modern economically and culturally developed society and State as an object.

During the meeting Pridnestrovian diplomat covered number of actual issues which are important for the subject of Italian writer's research.