PMR’s MFA hosted a meeting with delegation of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic


The PMR’s MFA hosted a meeting between Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister, Vitaly Ignatiev, and a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic headed by State Secretary Lukas Parizek. The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Moldova, Dusan Dacho, also took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, the interlocutors conducted a detailed review of the current situation in the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova with an emphasis on the most pressing issues on the agenda.

Vitaly Ignatiev expressed hope that the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian settlement would be an important focus of the Slovakia’s OSCE Chairmanship in 2019, and stressed that the Pridnestrovian side is committed to finding ways for constructive dialogue.

“We welcome the attention of the Slovak side, and I believe that we have objectively coinciding interests related to the search for solutions to long-standing problems. My focus as a political representative of Pridnestrovie is the interests of the people. I am convinced that we must lift restrictions, limitations, sanctions and other negative aspects that interfere with the normal life of people in all areas: in the economy, freedom of movement, education,” the minister said.

Lukas Parizek, in his turn, confirmed that one of the goals of his visit is to understand what practical steps the Slovak Chairmanship in the OSCE will be able to take in order to “improve people’s daily lives”.

“There are many challenges to security within the OSCE and conflicts that the organization needs to address. Already now I can say that here it seems to be the most potential for a breakthrough, for concrete steps that are already being implemented and can serve as an example in the future for other regions,” said the Slovak diplomat.

The meeting participants reviewed implementation of the agreements reached during the last year. Vitaly Ignatiev drew Lukas Parizek’s attention to the fact that dynamics is lacking in the process of implementing a number of decisions reached. In particular, the Head of the Foreign Ministry pointed out the problem of politically motivated criminal cases, which is stalled, despite full implementation of the land use agreement in the Dubossary district of Pridnestrovie by the Pridnestrovian side. According to the minister, the Republic of Moldova actually does not take the necessary practical measures to relieve tensions in this matter. A similar passivism, as noted by the Foreign Minister, is also observed in the field of telecommunications.

In this context, Vitaly Ignatiev once again confirmed readiness of the Pridnestrovian side to search for ways to enhance the dialogue, and in particular to be active in the framework of the “Permanent Conference...”.

“We view this format as a working platform and mechanism that helps to attract international partners, use their expertise and give additional impetus to the dialogue of the parties,” he stressed.

The participants noted that the platform of the “Permanent Conference...” is still called “Bratislava format”, since the capital of Slovakia hosted the first meeting of the “Permanent Conference...” (then in the 3+2 format). The sides expressed mutual interest in the rhythmic work of this international consultative mechanism during the Slovakian OSCE Chairmanship in 2019, as well as readiness for a meeting before the end of this year.

At the end of the conversation, the interlocutors agreed to maintain contacts in order to constantly exchange views on topical issues.