Experts Discussed Cooperation in Field of Law Enforcement and Humanitarian Issues at Rottach-Egern

Experts Discussed Cooperation in Field of Law Enforcement and Humanitarian Issues at Rottach-Egern

OSCE Conference on Improvement of Confidence Building Measures in Moldo-Pridnestrovian Settlement Process with participation of all representatives of 5+2 format is currently taking place at Rottach-Egern. During the second day of the conference topics of confidence building in sphere of law enforcement and security and in social sphere were discussed.

During the discussion of the first theme international reporters called participants of the expert (working) groups of Moldova and of Pridnestrovie to make efforts to develop acceptable mechanisms for exchange of operative information in order to decrease crime level on both banks of Dniester.

During the second part of the meeting humanitarian issues were discussed. In framework of the discussion Minister of Education of the PMR Svetlana Fadeyeva made a report. She noted that Pridnestrovian system of education is not a closed sphere and that it is developing rather dynamically. Minister pointed out that process of education in Pridnestrovie is built on Russian educational standards which Pridnestrovians consider to be optimal for the Republic. “Orientation towards Russian system of education has no alternatives for us” – she said. Minister told about ways of implementing Russian standards in Pridnestrovie. Thus, educational institutions of the Republic are conducting Unified National Examination and Pridnestrovian State University under T.G. Shevchenko, which is already full-scale member of Russian educational space, is implementing Bologna system.

Svetlana Fadeyeva also touched the problem of Romanian schools in Pridnestrovie. She told that these educational institutions are functioning beyond legal framework of both Pridnestrovie and of Moldova. It creates difficulties, first of all, for its pupils. Number of pupils there is permanently decreasing and now numbers only 1244. Minister expressed hope that due to the expert (working) groups' activity it will be possible to move these schools into Pridnestrovian legal space. She noted that Pridnestrovie has unique situation in sphere of education, based upon equality of all nationalities and linguistic diversity.

During the meeting of experts topics of cooperation between Pridnestrovie and Moldova in spheres of healthcare, ecology, legal support and others were also touched upon.

Discussion of the majority of issues proceeded during the penal sessions of the working groups on confidence building in economic sphere, in military and security sphere and in social sphere.