International Conference “Eurasian Economic Union: Ways to New Horizons of Integration” Was Held in Moscow

International Conference “Eurasian Economic Union: Ways to New Horizons of Integration” Was Held in Moscow

On February 21, 2012, International Conference “Eurasian Economic Union: Ways to New Horizons of Integration», organized by Russian Institute of Strategic Research (RISI), was held in Moscow. Participating in the meeting were politics, diplomats, representatives of scientific and expert society, leadership of public organizations of Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries of the CIS.

The participants of the conference discussed potential and perspectives of integration on post-Soviet territory considering the experience of acting integration communities. In the course of the meeting key tasks, problems and challenges, confronting integrating countries on their way to strengthening of multilateral cooperation in political, economical and technological sphere, were considered.

The President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk and the PMR's Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski also participated in the activity of the forum.

Giving comments upon the outcomes of the conference, head of Pridnestrovien foreign office noted high demand of society for the ideas of integration of post-Soviet territory. “The very idea of formation of Eurasian Union attracts more and more attention from the side of international community. Owing in large part to this context, topical for Pridnestrovie discussions on problems of compatriots, on Russian interests on post-Soviet territory, on the necessity of so-called collecting of lands recommence within academic groups,” Nina Shtanski noted.

According to Minister, tone, set by main speakers, was rather acute. Not only representatives of science, but also politicians, journalists, leading researchers from Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Byelorussia – the countries which strive for quick and more tight integration with Russia, had the possibility to express their opinion. Minister noted, that Pridnestrovien problematic, voiced in this connection by Yevgeny Shevchuk, met special interest of the experts.

While addressing the participants of discussion, head of our State emphasized that “for Pridnestroviens preservation on their land of cultural-historical peculiarity that would allow us to reintegrate easily into common economical, social, cultural and political territory with Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, was the main consolidating idea.” President declared readiness of Tiraspol to work within the framework of Common Economic Space, to participate in creation of Eurasian Union. For such purposes necessary legal basis was created in Pridnestrovie. “We strive for good relations with our neighbors: Ukraine and Moldova, for mutually beneficial cooperation and fruitful political interaction. It is possible within the framework of coming Eurasian Union,” Nina Shtanski imparted the words of the President.

Head of foreign office reported, that participants of the discussion shared the same opinion, that now the necessity of unification of economic potential of the republics of former Soviet Union became ripe, and already launched integration processes are in need for further development.