Evgeny Shevchuk: Russia and Pridnestrovie are Developing Interaction Mechanisms

Evgeny Shevchuk: Russia and Pridnestrovie are Developing Interaction Mechanisms

On October 1 the President of the PMR E. Shevchuk touched upon the issues of cooperation with the Russian Federation and interaction with the Republic of Moldova in his interview to the First Republican Television Channel.

The extract from the interview:

The First Pridnestrovian Television Channel: Good afternoon, Yevgeny Vasilievich! Thank You for finding the time in Your busy schedule. Last week You made a working visit to Moscow, where You met with Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation to Pridnestrovie, spoke at the meeting of the State Duma Committee for the CIS Affairs and Contacts with Compatriots and communicated with the heads of two Duma factions – LDPR and CPRF. What were you talking about and how can You evaluate your trip to Russian capital?

The President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk: Firstly, the contacts with the Russian Federation are very important for Pridnestrovian people. The Russian Federation is the country – legal successor, the guarantor; in this direction Russian leadership made a decision on appointment of high-ranking representative in order to consider, to examine and to render assistance in the first place to Russian citizens and their compatriots in Pridnestrovie.

There is certain dynamics of international meetings and negotiations between Kishinev and Tiraspol; corresponding consultations are being held in 5+2 format; we alternately consult both our guarantors in Moscow and our guarantors in Kiev in order to tract negotiation process.

In Russia I managed to meet with the deputies of the State Duma, not only with the leaders of the factions, but with the deputies from a number of committees in order to exchange opinions on the situation in Pridnestrovie, on the perspectives of the negotiation process, on possible economical dynamics in Pridnestrovie considering that fact that there is a certain turbulence in the economy in the world which directly affects peoples' lives. Pridnestrovian leadership chose basic direction in negotiations – economical interaction with external world. For us the position of the Russian Federation regarding these issues is very important; we are developing the mechanisms of rendering of assistance to Pridnestrovie taking into consideration today's complicated situation.

The issues of consular service are also being discussed. Subject area of the opening of Russian consulate in Tiraspol is actively reflected in the Mass Media, but from the point of international law it is the decision of the authorities in Kishinev but with definite impulse from the side of Moscow. Our citizens are interested in the quickest opening of a full-scale consulate in order to improve the quality of consular service.

Our citizens are interested in the restoration of those routes and those traditional trips of the railroad transport that we had earlier. Unfortunately they are not active now. It is possible to solve this problem in the process of interaction with Moscow and in some causes with Kiev and Kishinev.

At the State Duma Committee for the CIS Affairs and Contacts with Compatriots the exchange of opinions on the situation in whole and on socio-economical perspectives took place. Surely, the existing complications disturb deputies and the representatives of the bodies of state power. We provided corresponding analytics. We addressed for rendering of assistance on different directions – the directions on which we are not able to solve the whole complex of problems today. These problems include the issues of technical provision of healthcare system because there is a great need in medical equipment, the issues of preparation of medical staff. We consider the possibility of training of our doctors, medical staff in different medical institutions not only in Russia, but in Ukraine in order to increase the quality of medical service. The content of this block of problems was voiced in Moscow.

We were supported by major State Duma Committees. Moreover, we were supported in that aspect that political non-settlement should not worsen living standards of people. It is a very important thesis backed by Russian deputies and representatives, because regardless the fact that no settlement formula between Tiraspol and Kishinev has been found so far, it is necessary to create conditions in the framework of the ongoing negotiations for the economy to function, for the people to live properly and have the feeling that they are people of the common European space. I would like to remind of the fact that European space stretches not till the Prut and the Dniester but till the Urals. Specified problems formed the basis of meetings in the Russian Federation.

The First Pridnestrovian Channel: This Wednesday Vlad Filat and You have signed agreement on extension of arrangements on resumption of a full-fledged freight railway communication through Pridnestrovie. What has triggered such decision? What preceded the signing of this agreement and who initiated it?

President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk: Moldovan representatives and our side try to find formula to de-block economy both of the right and the left banks. We should create conditions favourable both for Pridnestrovie and Moldova, primarily in issues of transport logistics. Political problems should not create obstacles for railway and automobile communication. We should freely move across Moldova, and they should be able to move freely across Pridnestrovie.

Transport flows were changed even before 2012. Pridnestrovie lost the possibility to export goods via Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border. Certainly, everyone is aware of this. This brought about increase in the net cost, decrease in volume of transportation, loss of entire segments of economy. Therefore initiative was forwarded by the Pridnestrovian side, for the problem of railway communication to be discussed in the framework of negotiations. The framework of consultations enabled to find intermediate temporary formula which was reflected in this agreement. Agreement was signed for the period of 6 months. Six months had passed, and we faced the need to make a decision on what is to be done further with this agreement. We advocated for the prolongation of this agreement, and we persuaded our partners that this agreement is beneficial for economic agents of both Pridnestrovie and Moldova. It is profitable and concrete figures are indicative of that. During the period of functioning of this agreement Pridnestrovian economic agents shipped off about 1300-1500 freight cars through the border between Pridnestrovie and Ukraine, which makes up 125-130 thousand tones of cargo; about 2 million tones moved via our sectors. These volumes are significant. We witness certain dynamics, flow of cargo is increasing. It is a progressive agreement since it creates conditions for a more stable functioning of economic agents.  

Just to set an example. I want to note that since 2008 and onwards Rybnitsa Cement Plant for the first time started to export cement through Slobodka station in the direction of the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border. Of course, production net cost drops and product price becomes more competitive. It is one of the positive episodes of cooperation with our partners in Kishinev. I am grateful for having reached the compromise in this matter. Really, it is difficult for us to seek compromising decisions in other spheres but we are in the search for this compromise.  

Kishinev hosted the meeting at which the whole range of issues was discussed. Compromise was reached only in regard of one of them, and agreement was extended for the next 12 months. What does it mean for Pridnestrovie? It means that from the date of signing of this agreement Pridnestrovian economic agents will have stable rules of economic game and will be able to schedule their business-plan for 12 months ahead, proceeding from existing routs. That's why we think that as state authority we make efficient steps, trying to create institutional conditions for economy, and transport logistics, as it is known, is very important for economy.

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