Alexandr Stetsiuk met with Deputy Head of the British Embassy Alexandra Gaunt


The Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting of the Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Alexandr Stetsiuk with a British delegation led by the Deputy Head of the British Embassy in the Republic of Moldova Alexandra Gaunt.

At the meeting Alexandr Stetsiuk stated the stable and pragmatic nature of communication with the British side, which allows to implement project initiatives aimed at improving the living standards of citizens. In this context, the diplomat expressed gratitude to the British Embassy for assistance in improving the technical capacity of the Pridnestrovian fire service, mentioning donation of two new fire engines that arrived in the Republic this month.

The interlocutors exchanged views on a number of social and humanitarian projects implemented by the British Embassy in Pridnestrovie, and also discussed other promising areas in the context of bilateral cooperation.

Alexandr Stetsiuk also told British diplomats about the current situation in the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova, with an emphasis on the development of a mechanism to address the problem of participation of Pridnestrovian vehicles in the international road traffic.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to maintain direct contacts on issues of mutual interest.