Casual Meeting: Nina Shtanski Met with Activists of the “Revival” Party

Casual Meeting: Nina Shtanski Met with Activists of the “Revival” Party

Today meeting of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski with representatives of the youth organization of the Revival Party took place in the State Administration of Tiraspol and Dnestrovsk. Member of High Council of the party Georgy Bagdasaryan and Chief of Staff of the party Tatiana Kulakovskaya also took part in the event.

Nina Shtanski devoted her opening address to the role of youth initiative in life of Pridnestrovian society. In particular, Minister noticed the importance to be active and to defend their rights.

“Our major goal in foreign politics is formation of positive image of Pridnestrovie which is far from what we desire on our outside perimeter. Many people and even whole states made their efforts in order to create not quite correct vision about us worldwide. Many things have been done in order to make us unknown and unheard about”, – Pridnestrovian diplomat said.

“Today we have opportunity to declare about our interests, to tell about ourselves. Our youth also has such possibility. All of you are active Internet users. Together we can build unbiased vision of our country”, – she pointed out.

Minister noted that artificial obstacles, created by international actors, are not unsurpassable for normal development of society and state. “No matter how hard they try to constrain us, we are as good as the others. We are modern people with the same universal rights and freedoms as everybody else. Our rights should not depend on recognition or non-recognition of state. We should learn to defend them competently”.

According to Nina Shtanski future of state rests on contribution of every citizen. “It is up to us how shall we live tomorrow. Every one of us forms the reality in which he wants to live. Every one of us is a personality from which something depends”, – Minister pointed out.

Nina Shtanski expressed her opinion that young people in the audience are not indifferent to current situation. “The fact that you are searching, that you become part of the open society, that you are concerned with social and political activity, that you are searching and establishing contacts with people who are involved in state activity proves that the fate of our Republic is not insensible for you”.

After the opening speech of the Minister young representatives of the party had opportunity to ask questions. More than 1.5 hour of live communication and more than two dozens of questions – this is the result of today's meeting.

Some of the questions and answers on them shall be published on our site in the nearest time.