Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross Visited PMR’s MFA

Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross Visited PMR’s MFA

Meeting between Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev and Regional diplomatic advisor of the International Committee of the Red Cross Michel Masson took place today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was an initial meeting for the Red Cross delegation. Interlocutors discussed broad range of issues which are part of scope of activity of the Red Cross and in which organization could assist.

Vitaly Ignatiev informed the guests that Pridnestrovie voluntarily to a number of international conventions in field of healthcare, population protection and in humanitarian sphere. Pridnestrovian diplomat also informed that Pridnestrovie has experience of cooperation with different organizations and countries in humanitarian aid issues. According to Vitaly Ignatiev, direct cooperation of the Red Cross and Pridnestrovie seems to be the most effective way in this direction.

During the meeting Michel Masson pointed out on possible danger of the unexploded ammunitions of Great Patriotic War. In this context Pridnestrovian diplomat explained to the guests that Pridnestrovie has no difficulties in this sphere. There is well-adjusted mechanism of operative solution of such problems in cases of their appearance.

Deputy Minister also pointed out that activity of the Red Cross in Pridnestrovie should differ from activity in such countries as Syria or Libya where open armed conflicts exist. Pridnestrovian diplomat noted that we have no open conflict and peacekeeping operation is being conducted successfully.

Answering the questions of the journalists after the meeting Vitaly Ignatiev informed that Pridnestrovie is part of international community and because of that we are interested in direct cooperation with the Red Cross. “Humanitarian aid, implementation of number of projects and programs for training of representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare, organization of specialized medical centers and other aspects connected with scientific and technical and professional assistance are especially interesting for us”, – Pridnestrovian diplomat noted.