Comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR on the Necessity of Transboundary Cooperation in Sphere of Harmonious Exploitation of Fishery Resources of Dniester River


The situation connected with overall decrease of fish stock and danger of extinction of certain species of fish in Dniester river is developing alarmingly in recent times. Such negative tendencies prove the necessity of changing existing approaches towards exploitation of biological resources of Dniester.

Stated problem is among the top-priority issues in the agenda of specialized Pridnestrovian agencies. What is more important, Pridnestrovie understands that solution of this problem can become one of the coordinated steps conducted by several states situated in the basin of Dniester. These are the coordinated measures which allow to neutralize negative processes and to decrease existing risks in this field.

Reasoning from this fact, Pridnestrovian side forwarded a proposal to Moldova last month to hold certain consultations. In this proposal Pridnestrovian side accentuated on the necessity to introduce a 3-year-long prohibition of industrial fishing in Dniester river. Moldovan side informed that these proposals were delivered to the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for further study.

Late in the August this issue was studied during the meeting of the sectoral expert groups on ecology. Pridnestrovian and Moldovan experts discussed technical aspects and concrete measures which were to be implemented by the sides in this sphere. During this meeting Pridnestrovian side confirmed its compelling stand on the necessity of carrying out practical steps to solve the problem.

It is proved by concrete steps already implemented by Pridnestrovie in this sphere. On September 13, 2012 leadership of the PMR introduced temporal prohibition of industrial fishing in Dniester river. Moldovan side also declared its intention to carry out similar steps. The necessity of implementation of practical measures to secure fish resources in Dniester river is noticed also by experts in Pridnestrovie.

Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography of the T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University candidate of biological sciences, assistant professor Sergei Filipenko finds such prohibition to be justified, though he considers that reciprocals steps by Moldova and Ukraine to be necessary. According to him, introduction of such prohibition should allow to secure fish resources but there is still necessity to implement complex of measures in order to increase fish stock in Dniester river. Sergei Filipenko marked following measures: artificial stocking of fish in the basin, optimization of hydrological regime, recreation of natural spawning grounds, etc.

In this regard Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski noted that foreign-political agency of Pridnestrovie is paying careful attention to all specter of issues of social and economic sphere in relations with other states. Implementation of such an important measure in ecological field as prohibition of industrial fishing in Dniester river, according to her, is one of the “small steps” which allows to attack the problem. It is critical that Pridnestrovian initiatives should not just be supported by Ukraine and Moldova, but should be implemented practically.

This position is shared also by the Ministry of Agriculture and of Natural Resources of the PMR. According to this agency's opinion, this problem is especially topical taking into consideration the fact that Dniester is the river of transboundary importance.

Pridnestrovie hopes that Ukraine will also display interest towards this initiative. Corresponding request was sent to Ukrainian side. We believe adoption of such necessary environmental measures will have substantial and positive influence on ecological balance of Dniester river.