PMR’s MFA: “Ukraine is a Strategic Ally for Pridnestrovie”

PMR’s MFA: “Ukraine is a Strategic Ally for Pridnestrovie”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR sent congratulations to the foreign-political agency of Ukraine due to national holiday – Day of the National Flag. In the congratulatory address is stated:

“Twenty years ago, with proclamation of the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, blue and golden flag rose above the building of the Supreme Rada, marking the beginning of the new stage in the history of independent Ukrainian state. National tradition of reflecting the world by means of blue and golden symbol has formed for centuries.

Today the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine is celebrated both on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders – everywhere where heritage of Ukrainian culture and history is highly appreciated. Pridnestrovie is not an exception. For Ukrainians of Pridnestrovie the sun-yellow and sky-blue colors of the Ukrainian flag present not only official Ukraine. They are symbols of unique culture, ancient traditions, of hospitality and amiability of Ukrainian people.

Our states are connected with strong historical-cultural and spiritual ties, with trade and economic cooperation, collaboration in sphere of security. Ukraine remains strategic ally for Pridnestrovie, which contributes greatly in securing peace and stability in the region.”