Sergei Baburin: Russia Should Entrench More Active Attitude Towards Pridnestrovie

Sergei Baburin: Russia Should Entrench More Active Attitude Towards Pridnestrovie

Today Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski met with Chairman of the Russian Public Alliance, rector of Russian State Trade and Economic University Sergei Baburin. Russian guest arrived to Pridnestrovie to take part in solemn events dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of foundation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Nina Shtanski expressed her gratitude to Sergei Baburin for his weighty contribution in development of Russian-Pridnestrovian cooperation. “For a number of years you promote Russian interests here, in Pridnestrovie, and inform Russian leadership in unbiased way about the processes which are taking place in the PMR”, – Minister noted during the meeting.

In his turn rector of the RSTEU expressed his believe that participation of the Russian Federation in fate of Pridnestrovie should increase. “Russia should entrench more active attitude towards Pridnestrovie”, – Sergei Baburin said. “Words of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin that only Pridnestrovian people can define its future and that international community, including Russia, shall respect this choice get our hopes up”, – the guest noted.

In the course of the dialogue Sergei Baburin also expressed his concern with rapid Romanization of the Republic of Moldova. “If things will proceed in that way Russia will be forced to have more active position in solving Pridnestrovian issue”, – Russian politician concluded.

During the meeting the parties discussed wide range of practical issues in field of Russian-Pridnestrovian relations.