Statement of the Press Service of the PMR’s MFA


In connection with the requests of the Mass Media addressed to the Press Service of the PMR's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on materials spread by the IA “Regnum” which are, according to the statement of the news agency, copies of the documents on the settlement plan, allegedly signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski we consider it necessary to note the following:

As it was repeatedly reported earlier both by the leadership of the Republic and by the Head of the foreign-political agency, Pridnestrovie is not discussing any institutional issues, issues of status or the final settlement. During the last round of the official negotiation discussion of issues of social and economic character was launched, which corresponds to the Agenda of official negotiations which was agreed upon on April, 18 and signed on July, 13 in Vienna. The work in this direction shall proceed during the September round of negotiations. Solution of social and economic issues is considered to be a top-priority task. This principal position of the Pridnestrovian delegation met support both from the other participants of the negotiations and from the public meaning.

Circulation of false plans can not be treated other than as a provocation which supposedly has planted nature. It is regrettable that a media source of high authority which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary is acting as a spreader of such clumsy and at the same time absurd anonymous forgeries.

The “inceptions” of this kind are not promoting further progress in the negotiation process in framework of which major efforts of the sides to solve old problems are concentrated. Such actions of the Mass Media also conflicting with the principles of unbiased provision of information to the society on the news situation and the common ethics of journalism according to which information and, respectively, the sources of information should be checked. We should note that the PMR's MFA did not receive any requests from the IA “Regnum” on this matter.