VI Winter Vernisage Opened in Picture Gallery of the PMR’s MFA

VI Winter Vernisage Opened in Picture Gallery of the PMR’s MFA

Today in picture gallery of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR opening of VI traditional winter vernisage, organized by “KamArt” International Creative Association and Pridnestrovien foreign office, took place. Acting Deputy Foreign Ministers of the PMR Vitaliy Ignatiev and Sergey Simonenko, vice-president of International Association of Employees of Culture and Art (MARKIS), the author of the project Iuriy Salko, representatives of bodies of state power, creative associations and clergy of the republic, artists – the participants of the exhibition, participated in the event.

25 artworks of the authors from Tiraspol, Dnestrovsk, Bendery, Rybnitsa, and of the masters of brush from Ukraine, Moldova, Gagauzia and Italy are presented on exposition. Exhibited pictures are the part of works, created on VI “KamArt” International Symposium of Artists during autumn 2011 in picturesque corners of Pridnestrovie, Ukraine and Gagauzia.

According to Iuriy Salko, today's vernisage is jubilee one. This is the 10th exhibition of artworks, organized by “KamArt” Association in the picture gallery of the PMR's MFA. Vice-president of MARKIS reminded, that Pridnestrovien artists and diplomats have close interactions for six years, and this allows to demonstrate unique identity of Pridnestrovie, peculiarities of its' multinational culture.

Addressing the participants of the exposition, acting Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitaliy Ignatiev expressed gratitude to the masters of culture for that special mission, they fulfill. “Art is universal language, which influences our foreign partners and allows us to achieve certain positive results on foreign policy front,” – he noticed. Vitaliy Ignatiev read testimonial of the PMR's foreign office, timed to the opening of “KamArt” winter vernisage. “For us the activity, directed on deepening of cultural relations of Pridnestrovie with other countries, on integration of creative community of our republic into the world cultural space is one of the most perspective directions of strengthening of positive image of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic abroad. This helps us to find new friends and allies, helps to overcome many negative clichés which are still present in mind of some guests,” the testimonial states.

Executive secretary of International Association of Employees of Culture and Art Nikolay Dymchenko marked the important role, which fruitful cooperation between the PMR's MFA and MARKIS plays for Pridnestrovie. “They are men of art – artists, designers, writers, musicians who are popular diplomats. Representing their art on international exhibition, they strengthen the positive image of our multinational state abroad,” – Nikolay Dymchenko said. He expressed gratitude to Pridnestrovien foreign office for support of MARKIS projects. “KamArt” International Symposium, Andrey Rublev International Orthodox Symposium and joint actions, dedicated to the memory of outstanding fellow-countrymen of Pridnestrovie are among these projects.

Winter vernisage, opened in picture gallery of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR will not be closed until spring. All its' artworks also will be presented on big “KamArt” Easter Exhibition in Losev Republican Art Gallery in April 2012.