Vitaly Ignatiev, “Ukrainians of Pridnestrovie feel support of their big Motherland”

Vitaly Ignatiev, “Ukrainians of Pridnestrovie feel support of their big Motherland”

Today, the meeting dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine took place near monument to T. Shevchenko in Tiraspol. Participating in the event organized by the Center of Ukrainian Culture of the Pridnestrovian T.G. Shevchenko State University were Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova Sergey Pirozhkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev, as well as officials and representatives of Ukrainian community of Pridnestrovie.

Sincere joy for Ukraine which on August 24, 1991 gained independence was heard in words of the speakers. The country saw new epoch coming which made it possible to fix constitutionally aspiration of the nation to develop free and democratic state, original traditions and national culture.

“Independence of a state is a value which one needs to struggle for,” Sergey Pirozhkov marked in his speech. Ambassador stressed that Ukraine pays much attention to its compatriots living beyond its boundaries. This particularly refers to Pridnestrovie where third of the population is ethnic Ukrainians. Ambassador told to those participating in the meeting that much work is currently carried out to provide Ukrainians of Pridnestrovie with the possibility to study in institutions of higher education of Ukraine, including on a budgetary basis getting scholarship. In his words, on September 1 Ukrainian universities will receive 70 students from Pridnestrovie. “Remember that Ukraine has cared and will care about its compatriots in Pridnestrovie”, Sergey Pirozhkov concluded.

In his turn, Vitaly Ignatiev confirmed that Ukrainians in our Republic feel constant support of their big Motherland. This allows facing future with confidence and optimism. The diplomat noted that strong historic and cultural ties unite Pridnestrovie and Ukraine. According to Vitaly Ignatiev, our countries successfully realize socio-economic, educational and humanitarian projects. “In many ways due to activity of Ambassador of Ukraine Sergey Pirozhkov relations of Pridnestrovie and Ukraine have reached high qualitative level up to date”, the diplomat marked.

Vitaly Ignatiev also stated that Ukraine is not only a strategic ally and partner for Pridnestrovie, but also a guarantor country and mediator in the Moldova-Pridnestrovie relations settlement which with dignity and honour carries out its mission on assisting in political settlement of Moldova-Pridnestrovie relations. Deputy Foreign Minister reminded that Ukraine will chair OSCE in 2013. Tiraspol binds high hopes on this chairmanship as regards development of a wide range of relations between our republics and betterment of life of the Pridnestrovian people.