​Yevgeny Shevchuk, President of Pridnestrovie: Dear compatriots, friends!

Today, Pridnestrovie, as our neighbours and a number of CIS countries, is going through difficult times. It's obvious. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who showed forbearance, remained cool-headedness and civic responsibility, who with patience and understanding, sometimes clasping teeth, stood in the breach and hindered to undermine the unity of our country by populist statements of puppets of well-known oligarchic circles. I especially want to express my gratitude to pensioners, servicemen and all my colleagues, public sector employees. In these difficult conditions the issues related to stability are controlled by the president. So I instructed the Government once again to amend the tax and antimonopoly legislation, to insist on the adoption of regulatory acts on the single cashless payment system, so necessary for the economy and the country.

I consider it necessary to insist once again on the abolition of restrictions on limitations periods for such crimes as murder. The law enforcement system must be able to search painstakingly for the murderers of our compatriots. This practice of indefinite responsibility for murders should be in the legislative field. The facts on which murderers ride in Mercedeses about Pridnestrovie because of the failure to adopt the laws on limitation periods should be excluded.

Probably the end of this year and the next year will be challenging times for Pridnestrovie, and not just in economic terms.  In spite of everything I call all branches of government to act in a consolidated way: the Government, the Supreme Council, and the community of judges. It is necessary to practice and compete in order to generate positive ideas that can really, not verbally to help to alleviate the situation. The situation, when under conditions of the crisis no anti-crisis law is received, the transition to a new modern tax system is not implemented, is a threat to the macroeconomic stability of the state. It is difficult to justify the lack of economic rules, similar to the laws of the Eurasian and European spaces, where there are our major economic partners.

New modern antimonopoly law needs to be urgently modernized and adopted, which had previously also been initiated by the Government and had not been supported by the legislative body. To legally regulate issues of high proportion of offshore operations in the economy is an important priority, it is necessary, as proposed by the Government, to increase in hard times state revenues through additional taxation of offshore operations, directing funds in revenues, stop “toothless” of the legal liberalism in a series of actually speculative prices for essential goods and vital medicines. Speculation and business in these matters should have obvious and profound legislative differences and the high responsibility for the use of instruments of collusion between retail chains in the PMR’s markets. The times have long demanded that all tax crimes should be transferred to the zone of dangerous and especially dangerous illegal encroachments. The era of neo-liberal legislation in these areas should be completed and the penalties for tax crimes should be maximal.

Some legislative confusion should become history when budgets are enacted without taking into account the real situation and real sources. Citizens and the Government has a clear understanding that without reconsidering the elements of economic policy, taxes, the budget will not fill up with words. Therefore, in a situation when the basic elements do not change, such as taxes, conditions of work with offshore, the budget will not receive the real sources.

Unambiguously, external problems are in the systemic and prevailing nature of pressure on the economic situation in Pridnestrovie. These are problems of foreign trade activity, increased pressure of our partners in the RM and Ukraine. It is also a fact! But now the obvious objective is what we can and must do for ourselves in difficult circumstances. It is necessary to solve the problem of inefficient and energy intensive state and commercial enterprises which are from the period of privatization in a constant state subsidies.

It is clear that the resource potential of the state is at the breaking point, but the system decisions must form the basis for changes already in the period of recovery from the crisis - two or three years. Therefore, noting the obvious success in transforming our cities and in several areas, knowing our weak points, we draw conclusions on holidays, outline the plans for the near future.

In the era of liberalism covering the abuse of freedom of speech, in the era of pluralism of insults and slander covering the political corruption in government should be come to an end! This will create a real basis for strengthening democracy and the state.

I congratulate you all on the upcoming holidays: Pridnestrovie Statehood Day and the Day of Knowledge! Peace, happiness, and success!

I have talked about just some directions of the necessary steps of the government on this stage, and I am ready to answer your questions, dear journalists.