Dmitriy Rogozin: new textbooks great present for all schoolchildren in Pridnestrovie


By the new school year Pridnestrovie's schools will be presented with over 500,000 textbooks

This was the main topic discussed by the republican leadership and Russia's vice premier, Dmitriy Rogozin, during a teleconference in Tiraspol's humanities and maths gymnasium.

It is recalled that by 1 September all Russian-language schools will be supplied with a complete set of latest generation textbooks, published to comply with the very latest requirements for contents, design and sanitary-hygienic standards.

Every pupil — from a first-former to a final-year student — will receive a complete set of Russian standard textbooks. Pridnestrovie's schools will be presented with over a half million books.

«This is an individual humanitarian project, which has been made possible thanks to the decision of Russia's president, Vladimir Putin. Nearly 150 million roubles have been allocated for its implementation. A total of 517,000 textbooks have been printed, and 130,000 more copies of methodological literature will be donated. This project is a great gift for the Pridnestrovian schoolchildren," underscored Dmitriy Rogozin.

«More than 40 years has passed since I left school, but you can never forget this exiting feeling when you take a textbook smelling of printing ink. Today thousands of Pridnestrovian schoolchildren will have this feeling. I believe the new academic year will bring about a lot of knowledge and accomplishments," added the State Duma first deputy chairman on foreign affairs, Leonid Slutskiy.

In the course of the teleconference, it was noted that such large scale supply of textbooks (the greatest in the history of Pridnestrovie) was made possible due to the personal initiative of Pridnestrovie's president, Yevgeny Shevchuk, and with a close support of Dmitriy Rogozin.

«It is no secret that, first of all, our Russian-language schools have experienced acute want of textbooks. Today we may say that thanks to the assistance of the Russian Federation this problem has been solved. All the pupils of Pridnestrovie's Russian language schools have received new up-to-date textbooks. Let me, on behalf of the republic, express gratitude to the Russian leadership and personally you for your assistance and support," said Yevgeny Shevchuk during the teleconference.