Head of the Pridnestrovian MFA Congratulates the Head of State Service for Communication, Information and Mass Media of the PMR on the Day of Press


Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski sent a message of greetings to the Head of State Service for Communication, Information and Mass Media of the PMR Yevgeny Zubov. The welcoming address in particular reads, “For centuries the mankind have attached particular importance to a printed word. Nowadays, professions of a correspondent, an editor, or a make-up man are particularly important and in demand. A journalist should be the first to appear in the epicenter of events in order to bring trustworthy information to people.

A legal state is inconceivable without free mass media. Journalism in Pridnestrovie has always played an important role in the formation and protection of our statehood and democratic development of the Republic. In difficult periods of time for our state the Pridnestrovian mass media are the first to inform the international community about a real situation around Pridnestrovie telling the truth about hopes and aspirations of our people.

Today, in many ways owing to the talented work of local mass media, international community knows that Pridnestrovie is an open state which strives to peace and well-being and is interested in creating a belt of good neighborhood around it and is ready to active collaboration with all partners.”

The Minister also expressed confidence in the fact that professionalism, responsibility and sense of purpose of the Pridnestrovian journalists will further serve the all-round improvement of the Pridnestrovian mass media allowing them to maintain a leading role in the creation of a positive image of our state in the international arena.