During the Negotiating Round in Lvov Sides Have Discussed Issues from the First “Negotiating Basket”

During the Negotiating Round in Lvov Sides Have Discussed Issues from the First “Negotiating Basket”

During the regular negotiation round within the “Permanent Conference” finished in Lvov sides focused on discussion of socio-economic and humanitarian issues by common consent of participants. This was announced today by the participants of the talks during the press briefing arranged by the OSCE Mission to Moldova.

On of the key issues was freedom of movement, particularly, eventual opening of the Gura Bicului-Bychok Bridge across the River Dniester for vehicle traffic. Political representative of Pridnestrovie Nina Shtanski expressed gratitude to Russian and Ukrainian diplomats for active assistance rendered to parties in the course of decision elaboration. At the same time, according to her, parties didn't manage to approach consensus document, so the work on protocol will continue. 

Parties have also discussed Pridnestrovian initiative on civil aviation services via airport in Tiraspol. As the Head of Pridnestrovian diplomacy noted, the PMR and Moldova agreed to change their views on this issue and to get international expert analysis. Nina Shtanski reminded that parties have already made attempts to compromise this issue – State Administration of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Moldova and Aviation Department of Pridnestrovie have signed Cooperation Agreement in 1994.

The meeting of the “Permanent Conference” was focused also on discussion of Pridnestrovian and Moldovan proposals on socio-economical cooperation. In this context, participants affected issues faced by Pridnestrovian economic agents in foreign trade activity. Commenting on the issue, Nina Shtanski appealed for focusing on the decisions that can be currently taken. The Pridnestrovian diplomat recalled that leaders of Pridnestrovie and Moldova during their meeting in Odessa on January 27, 2012 gave the political representatives of the parties particular mandate. “Yevgeny Shevchuk and Vladimir Filat fostered our efforts towards the settlement, in particular, social and economic issues that affect the welfare of people living in Pridnestrovie and Moldova.” Noting that many of these issues remain unresolved, Nina Shtanski stressed that the Pridnestrovian side gives the highest priority and responsibility to this activity.

During the talks the sides exchanged views on education issues. Pridnestrovian side informed once again about the unresolved issues relating to nostrification of Pridnestrovian education certificates. So far, graduates of many Pridnestrovian educational institutions have no possibility to nostrificate their diplomas including such specialties as “Medicine”, “Law”, and “Government”. Pridnestrovian side noted that the issues in education need to be discussed taking into account challenges faced by Pridnestrovians today.

In Lvov sides agreed also on further cooperation in the radiology. Nina Shtanski recalled the positive experience of interaction between Pridnestrovie and Moldova when ionizing radiation sources were removed from a Pridnestrovian plant for storage in Moldova in March 2012 after signing of the relevant Protocol Decision.

Closing the video briefing Andrey Deshchitsa, the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, informed on the next round within the “Permanent Conference” to be held on May 24-25 in Odessa. Parties will continue discussion of issues that were not compromised within the held round.