Nina Shtanski Reported to the President of Pridnestrovie about Results of Her Working Visit to Moscow

Nina Shtanski Reported to the President of Pridnestrovie about Results of Her Working Visit to Moscow

According to reports by Press-Service of the President of the PMR, Minister of Foreign Affairs informed Head of the State that in the Russian Federation there was an exchange of opinions with Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Deputy General Secretary of EurAsEC, Executive Secretary of Eurasian Economic Commission of the Customs Union Sergey Glazyev, as well as Deputy Minister for Regional Development Maksim Travnikov. Extension of bilateral cooperation aimed at strengthening and protection of interests of Russian compatriots in Pridnestrovie was discussed.

Apart from that, during her working trip to Moscow the Head of foreign office of Pridnestrovie visited Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation where issues of cooperation of the Russian Federation and Pridnestrovie, as well as state of negotiation process in the 5+2 format were discussed with State Secretary/ Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin.

Nina Shtanski reported to the President also about results of the meeting with Governor of Moscow Region Sergey Shoigu. In her words, attention was focused on issues of socio-economic development of Pridnestrovie and on establishment of joint working group which in the near future will work out a mid-term program on trade-economic cooperation between Pridnestrovie and Moscow Region.

As part of her trip to Moscow, Nina Shtanski also met with Head of Interfractional Group on Development of Cooperation with Pridnestrovie, deputy of the Sate Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Gavrilov. In her report to the President of the PMR Nina Shtanski told that the number of initiatives was discussed aimed at strengthening of Russian-Pridnestrovian ties and extension of interparliamentary dialogue.

Nina Shtanski conducted a four-day working trip to the Russian capital on errand of Head of the State.

Nina Shtanski, Foreign Minister of the PMR, “Today I reported to the President about results of the working visit to Moscow. We had an extremely thorough discussion of those results which were reached. First of all, it is important for us that Moscow understands our problems. The Russian Federation is ready to help us, inter alia in establishing new ties and new system of collaboration. Russia backs the course towards Eurasian integration declared by President of the PMR and Russia is ready to render methodological assistance. We will jointly implement a whole number of projects in the framework of implementation of this course.

Certainly, during my visit we talked much about development of trade-economic relations. Thus, at the meeting with Governor of Moscow Region Sergey Shoigu we arrived at intermediary decision to organize joint working group tasked to elaborate strategic plan of joint actions with the three-year perspective. This relates to interdepartmental collaboration and signing of a treaty on cooperation between the Government of Pridnestrovie and the Government of Moscow Region. It is the first step.

At the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation we discussed the possibility of similar steps and development of our cooperation with other Russian regions.”