Statement of the PMR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the demarche of the Moldovan authorities


Today, by the Government decision of the Republic of Moldova,  Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Special Representative of the Russian President on Pridnestrovie Dmitry Rogozin was declared ‘persona non grata’ in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The PMR’s MFA regards this decision of the RM authorities quite negative. We consider such a destructive step as a demonstratively political challenge to the relations between the Russian Federation and Pridnestrovie. We are convinced that this demarche is another confirmation of Kishinev’s strategy of deliberate tension heightening, aggravating the situation in the dialogue with Pridnestrovie and total forcing away Russia from the regional space.

Considering the whole complex of hostile attacks at Russia and Pridnestrovie organized by the leadership of Moldova before, including provocations against the current format of the Joint Peacekeeping Operation on the Dniester, the PMR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs draws attention to deliberate intensification of the confrontation around the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict.

There is no doubt that declaring the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Pridnestrovie ‘persona non grata’ is aimed at breaking the communication system  between Pridnestrovie and Russia and preventing the interministerial interaction at the level of the governments of Russia and Pridnestrovie. The demonstrative nature of the Moldovan side decision  confirms Kishinev’s commitment to methods of pressure, sanctions and blockades, testifies to the point-blank unwillingness of the Moldovan Government to build civilized forms of interaction with Russia and Pridnestrovie on the whole range of topical issues.

The Foreign Ministry of the PMR calls on all international partners to focus on developing processes around Pridnestrovie in order to work out measures to counteract such destructive steps to prevent further escalation of tension.

Pridnestrovie will keep making every effort to strengthen and develop a strategic partnership with the Russian Federation, as well as to protect the rights and interests of all Pridnestrovian people, including more than 200,000 Russian citizens and hundreds of thousands of compatriots residing in the Republic.