Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR


Number of Moldova's mass media has spread recently an interview of the representative of the Moldova's special services which contained accusations of Pridnestrovie and Pridnestrovian banking system deceiving the public.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR calls attention to the fact that representative of the special services proved neither any evidence nor even indirect proofs of his accusation addressed to Pridnestrovian banks and their partners in the CIS countries.

Pridnestrovie regards these statements made by one of the heads of the Moldova's Information and Security Service as provocative, destructive and not corresponding to the spirit of constructiveness and ethics.

It should be reminded that blocking measures against Pridnestrovian banks have been assumed by Moldovan side in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2009. Restrictions against Pridnestrovian banks remain in force today. Such situation impedes possibilities for industrial and commercial activity of PMR's economic entities.

 During the last round of consultations in Permanent Conference format this year the difficulties artificially created by Moldovan side against Pridnestrovie became topic for separate report. According to Pridnestrovian side difficulties in banking sphere can be overcome by creating and adopting complex, mutually-acceptable and sustainable mechanism of relations between the central banks of Pridnestrovie and Moldova. Memorandum On the Mutual Understanding Between the Central Bank of Pridnestrovie and the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova can become basis for such mechanism. The draft memorandum was presented to the participants of the conference. Earlier it had been passed to Moldovan side. Following the results of the round decision was rendered on creation of special subgroup for removal of artificial obstacles in functioning of Pridnestrovie's banking sphere in framework of expert/working groups.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR considers that such actions do not encourage formation of atmosphere of confidence between the sides of the conflict and create additional difficulties in search for compromise in spheres of social and economic cooperation between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. The position of the PMR's MFA is that malevolent utilization of financial instruments contradicts earlier signed agreements of the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and Moldova.

The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, represented by its political representative, addressed a request to the Moldovan side asking for explanation of the official position of the Republic of Moldova and for provision of data which were the source of statements of the representative of the Moldova's Information and Security Service.