The meeting with experts of Berlin Economics Company


​Today, the Foreign Ministry of the PMR hosted a meeting of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev with a group of experts of the German company «Berlin Economics» headed by director Ricardo Giucci. The meeting was also attended by Minister of Economic Development of the PMR Alevtina Slinchenko, representatives of the economic and banking sectors of the country.

We remind that the experts of the «Berlin Economics» repeatedly visited Pridnestrovie before. In 2013 they already prepared a study of individual economic aspects in Pridnestrovie.

The experts of the «Berlin Economics» told at the meeting that they plan to carry out a new comprehensive study of the Pridnestrovian economy during a month. According to the experts of the German company, the main focus in the future analysis will be on the search for new resources for the development of the whole economic complex of the republic, to stimulate exports and reduce the vulnerability of the economy of Pridnestrovie to “shocks” of the 2014-2015 sample.

 Vitaly Ignatiev expressed gratitude to the guests for their attention to the problems of Pridnestrovie, noting that at the present time the expert support is particularly relevant and timely for the state. “There are negative external trends related to the crisis in Ukraine, complication of relations with the Moldovan side. Due to objective economic difficulties of global dimension and subjective factors of political character the economy of Pridnestrovie is experiencing serious external pressure,” - said the deputy minister.

The diplomat said that the additional crisis phenomena related to the problem of movement of Pridnestrovian goods through the territory of Ukraine, the interaction with external economic agents which became more complicated, as well as a number of other logistical aspects allow to conclude that the current situation in the Pridnestrovian economy is no less complex than it was in 1992.