Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Meets with the Professor of Political Science from Great Britain

On November 18, 2009, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vladimir Yastrebchak held meeting with Mr. Stefan Wolff, Professor of Political Science, Director of the Centre for International Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution of the Nottingham University (Great Britain).

The English scientist arrived to Moldova and Pridnestrovie on invitation of the OSCE Mission to participate in the Public Lectures Program organized by the Mission.

The British professor was able to directly acquaint himself with the official position of Pridnestrovie and with the peculiarities of the current state of the settlement process.

In the course of the meeting the Minister highlighted in details the most important moments of a long-term Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement process with focus on those aspects which were of research interest to the guest.

Mr. Wolff noted the usefulness of the conversation with the head of the Pridnestrovian diplomacy in the context of the subject of his lecture.