Thesis by Nina Shtanski was Discussed at the Department of World Political Processes, MGIMO


On April 26, a regular meeting of the Department of World Political Processes took place, at which thesis work on “Conflict in Pridnestrovie: International Aspects” of a PhD student Nina Viktorovna Shtanski was discussed (research supervisor – Docent S.S. Veselovskiy, thesis reviewers – Professor D.M. Feldman, Professor K.P. Borishpolets, docent T.V. Yurieva).

Thesis which was submitted for a scientific degree of a Candidate in Political Sciences, specialization 23.00.04, is recommended for defense. Thesis reviewers pointed high quality of Nina Viktorovna's scientific work with its particular meaning being the practical involvement of the PhD student in the scope of her research.

Source: Information Portal of MGIMO of MFA of RF