On the Meeting with Delegation of France Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

On the Meeting with Delegation of France Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Today, PMR's Foreign Minister Vladimir Yastrebchak received the delegation of Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of France. The meeting was attended by the Head of Continental Europe Department of France Foreign Ministry, Philippe Lefort, and Head of Russian and Eastern Europe Department, Florence Ferrari. The Pridnestrovien side, along with Foreign Minister, was presented by his Deputy, Sergey Simonenko.

Following the request of the French diplomats, Vladimir Yastrebchak described history and roots  of the conflict on the Dniester and dwelt upon the contemporary situation established in the process of the Moldo-Pridnestrovien settlement.

In his response to the question about the possibility of resumption of the official consultations in the “5+2” format, PMR's Foreign Minister pointed that for this purpose it is necessary to create corresponding  prerequisites and eliminate a number of concrete problems which generate  obstacles for normal life of people. Unilateral actions of the Moldovan side resulted in the present-day situation which does not allow us to speak about the presence of conditions favorable for the dialog based on equality and mutual respect.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the perspectives for the development of interaction between the EU and Pridnestrovie in the sphere of economy. In particular, an issue of trade preferences given by the EU to the enterprises located on the territory of the former Moldavian SSR was raised. According to the Head of the PMR's Foreign Ministry, the right of distribution of preferences belongs to Chisinau, and the Moldavian side uses this factor as a lever of pressure on Tiraspol. In the opinion of Vladimir Yastrebchak, civilized solution of this problem is in the interests of not only Pridnestrovie but of the EU as well. 

Taking stock of the discussion, Head of Continental Europe Department of France Foreign Ministry Philippe Lefort emphasized the necessity to step-up the political dialogue in the region. At the same time, according to the diplomat, its fate after all shall be determined not by politicians but by the whole population residing on the Dniester.