Archive - 2019



The foreign Ministry hosted a meeting of the Deputy foreign Minister of PMR Alexandr Stetsiuk with a delegation of the Republic of Lithuania led by the attaché of the Eastern European Countries Division of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Sandra Drozdova.



PMR Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitaly Ignatiev with the Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Gubarev. The co-Chairman of JCC from the Russian Federation Ilya Uvarov also attended meeting.



On March 28, 2019, a meeting of expert (working) groups on ecological issues from Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova was held at the office of the OSCE Mission in Kishinev.

During the event, on the initiative of the Pridnestrovian side, a number of issues related to the provision and implementation of measures for the conservation and rational use of water biological resources of the Dniester River were discussed. 



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR hosted the meeting of Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Alexander Stetsiuk and Charge d’affaires a.i. of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the RM Roy Hans during his first official visit to the republic.

In his welcoming speech Alexander Stetsiuk mentioned, that Pridnestrovie possesses a longstanding experience of successful and fruitful cooperation with the countries of the European Union. In given context he confirmed the interest in the beginning of system communication and in building of contacts with the Dutch side.



The PMR Foreign Ministry held a meeting of the PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev with the Ambassador-at-large of the Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia, Vito Grittani, who visited Pridnestrovie for the first time on a familiarization visit. Alexandr Vataman, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Abkhazia in Pridnestrovie, also took part in the meeting.

Welcoming the guest, Vitaly Ignatiev positively assessed the high dynamics of the diplomatic contacts of Abkhazia and Pridnestrovie at all levels.



Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev met with the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch.



The PMR MFA held a meeting between the PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev and the delegation of representatives of mediators and observers in the negotiation process in the “Permanent Conference ...” format.



The Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev and the United Nations delegation led by the UN Human Rights Senior Expert Thomas Hammarberg.

Welcoming the guests, Vitaly Ignatiev highly appreciated the long-term cooperation with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.



According to the PMR Foreign Minister, official working meetings of the President of the Republic and other Heads of government bodies, and legislators will be held here, round tables and conferences will be organized.

The Official Representation of Pridnestrovie has opened in Moscow today. The President of the PMR with his wife, senators and deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Pridnestrovian, Russian, Abkhazian, South Ossetian and Nagorno-Karabakh diplomats, social activists, experts, and scientists attended the ceremony.



The Pridnestrovian Representation first appeared in Moscow in 2005. Its functions were then assigned to the Cooperation Center “Pridnestrovie” – a public organization officially registered in the Russian Federation. From the beginning of 2012, the activity of this structure was discontinued, however, there is still need for Republic’s representation. This is confirmed by the numerous appeals of Pridnestrovian citizens residing in Russia.