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Russia is taking Pridnestrovie and Pridnestrovians as compatriots – and this is the most important fact. Russian peacekeeping mission is carrying out an important geopolitical function, it is implementing function of guaranteeing peace and security on this land, but also Russia is defending its compatriots who passed through number of very serious challenges.

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova treat the peacekeeping operation of the Russian Federation on the Dniester rather respectfully. It is the peacekeeping participation of Russia that stopped fratricidal war. 

In Gagauzia very much the same processes took place in early 1990s as in Pridnestrovie: we had independent republic which existed for 5 years but than we agreed, due to objective and subjective reasons, to become autonomy in the Republic of Moldova. 

 I need to say that such an important topic as security on the Dniester disturbs sociologists and people living in Pridnestrovie. 

On July 31 third issue of TV Project “Public Diplomacy” went on air on the First Republican TV Channel. Program is devoted to the 20th anniversary of the peacekeeping operation of the Russian Federation in Pridnestrovie.


Grigory Karasin: There are No Backgrounds for Changing Peacekeeping Format in Pridnestrovie
On July 28, 2012 President of the PMR Evgeny Shevchuk met State Secretary – Deputy of Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin.


Nina Shtanski: “Today we are uniting not to defend ourselves but to develop cooperation in framework of Eurasian space”
Briefing in extended format for Russian and Pridnestrovian Mass Media with participation of the President of the PMR and members of Government of the PMR took place today in Tiraspol.

Nina Shtanski: “Problem of mutual recognition of documents shall be solved when we come to common understanding that all documents should be recognized”
During the briefing in extended format of the President of the PMR Evgeny Shevchuk which took place today for Pridnestrovian and Russian Mass Media, journalists brought up the issue of perspectives of resolving problem with mutual recognition of documents by the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and the Republic of Moldova.

From now on the day of July 28 shall be celebrated in Pridnestrovie as the Day of Peacekeeper.


20th Anniversary of introduction of peacekeeping force of the Russian Federation into the Security Zone and the beginning of the peacekeeping operation are widely celebrated in Pridnestrovie.