Archive - 11/2012


On November 4, 2012, on the National Unity Day in the Russian Federation and holiday of Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Evgeny Shevchuk by his Decree pardoned the citizen A. T. Ursu convicted by Bendery Municipal Court on May 19, 2010.

Delegation of Representatives of Mediators, Guarantors and Observers in the Permanent Conference to Visit Pridnestrovie on November 7
On November 5-7, Kishinev and Tiraspol will be hosting consultations of representatives of mediators, guarantors and observers in the Pridnestrovian settlement negotiation process from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the OSCE, the USA and the European Union. 


On the Results of the Meeting Between Nina Shtanski and Evgeny Karpov
Today the meeting of the political representatives in Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement process of Pridnestrovie and Moldova Nina Shtanski and Evgeny Karpov took place in the Kishinev office of OSCE Mission. 

Nina Shtanski:  The lack of political will on the part of Kishinev made it impossible to resolve issue of launching the Pridnestrovian TV Channel on the territory of Pridnestrovie
The meeting of political representatives of Pridnestrovie and Moldova Nina Shtanski and Evgeny Karpov, which was held today at the office of the OSCE Mission in Kishinev with participation of representatives of mediators and observers of the Permanent Conference, was particularly focused on issues faced by experts of relevant groups on telecommunication.

The Third Visit by Thomas Hammarberg Has Begun
Today the meeting between Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski with UN Special Representative for Human Rights in Pridnestrovie Thomas Hammarberg took place.