The PMR’s MFA hosted a meeting with “Berlin Economics” experts


Experts presented a report on the results of the examination of the Pridnestrovian economy undertaken in April-May this year.

Today the PMR’s MFA hosted a meeting of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev with a group of experts of the company “Berlin Economics”. The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Economic Development of the PMR Alevtina Slinchenko, representatives of the economic and banking sectors of the republic.

During the meeting the researchers presented a report on the results of the examination of the Pridnestrovian economy undertaken in April-May this year. Let us remind that this examination was announced on April 16, 2015 during a similar meeting at the Foreign Ministry.

Welcoming the guests Vitaly Ignatiev pointed out that the “Berlin Economics” team has conducted a very serious work, results of which the Pridnestrovian side is ready to study carefully. “We already have some particular conclusions, the analysis of the current situation in economy and what is the most important is that we have proposals and concrete scenarios of development,” underlined the diplomat.

As noted by Ricardo Giucci, Director of the «BE Berlin Economics GmbH», the conducted research was dedicated to the analysis of the foreign trade prospects for Pridnestrovie. “Our recommendations are focused on the contribution to the Pridnestrovian export, that will allow to create new job positions and to stabilize the economic situation in the republic,” he emphasized.

According to Ricardo Giucci, the significant export activation can be conducted through a gradual VAT introduction in Pridnestrovie, that is expected to unburden the exporters of double taxation, to contribute to the development of the small and medium sized enterprises and to bring the taxation system of Pridnestrovie in line with the topical world practices.

Vitaly Ignatiev, in his turn, noted that this research carried out on the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany has an advisory character and will be studied alongside the Russian experience in the tax system organization and also the best practices of the Pridnestrovian specialists. “Anyway it proves the necessity to look for new revenue resources for the Pridnestrovian budget and the importance of integral work to modernize the tax legislation,” summarized the diplomat.