On the meeting of PMR’s Foreign Minister and Head of EU Delegation in Moldova.


On April 8, 2011, PMR's Foreign Minister Vladimir Yastrebchak received Dirk Shuebel, the Head of the EU Delegation in Moldova.

During the meeting, the diplomats exchanged their opinions on informal consultations of the participants of the Permanent Consultations on Political Issues in the Framework of the Pridnestrovien Settlement Negotiation Process, which took place in Vienna on April 4-5, and discussed the questions of further interactions between Pridnestrovie and the European Union in the context of the planned events of different level.

The parties agreed to the necessity for the parties to the conflict to fulfill not only declarative but certain practical moves towards normalization of the situation along all directions of a possible interaction.

An important component of such process are expert (working) groups of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic and the Republic of Moldova, which in their turn must work on strict legal basis and must have authorities for making decisions in their sphere. Such legal basis and legal consequences of the decisions made during the work of the groups from the parties, must be defined by the common Rules of Procedure. PMR's Foreign Minister expressed his appreciation to the European side for its willingness to render expert and other assistance in interdepartmental work.

Also, in the course of the meeting, the participants discussed cooperation between the PMR and the EU in different spheres.