Comment by the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of the PMR regarding another incident with Russian journalists at Kishinev airport


On April 19, 2015 at the airport in Kishinev Moldova's border police denied entry for a crew of the programme “Postscript” of the Russian television channel TV Tsentr. Journalists went to Pridnestrovie to shoot reportage, but upon arrival in Kishinev they were detained by competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova, and then they were expelled. We remind that journalists of TV Channels “Zvezda” and “Russia 24” had previously been denied entry.

Another refusal to allow journalists to entry to Moldova who travelled to Pridnestrovie is a confirmation of the course selected by the Republic of Moldova towards the information blockade against Pridnestrovie. At that, Moldova’s competent authorities cynically abuse the situation when entering Pridnestrovie for Russian citizens is actually possible only through Kishinev Airport.

The Foreign Ministry inclines to consider the prolonged detention of the journalists of TV Tsentr channel by Moldova’s border police (it took more than four hours on the “examination”) as the indicative “punishment” aimed to suppress the interest of the Russian media in a complex political and economic situation faced by Pridnestrovie now.

The Foreign Ministry of the PMR again urges the Moldovan side to abandon the practice of preventing the free exercise of journalistic activities in Pridnestrovie by media representatives of the Russian Federation.

Comment by the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with the ban on entry to Moldova of the crew of the Russian television company “TV Tsentr”