Comment by Pridnestrovian MFA regarding Resolution of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on Moldova


On July 9, during session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Resolution on Moldova was adopted, with its draft having been beforehand widely spread via Moldovan and Pridnestrovian mass media.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the present Resolution specifies existence of unsettled conflict in Pridnestrovie as a source of threat to stability and security in Europe and within the OSCE space. Given such serious concern on part of members of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly over issues of stable and secure development of the given region of Europe which is preserved regardless efforts and progress made in the negotiation process, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie reaffirms earlier repeatedly expressed welcome to efforts by joint peacekeeping forces on maintaining peace and security in the conflict region and on the whole to activity of the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester in current format under auspices of the Russian Federation.

We assume that above mentioned concern declared with the help of a reputable international platform, i.e. OSCE PA, may serve as the basis for initiation of supplementary consultations in the Joint Control Commission by authorized representatives of the sides on examination of opportunities for capacity building of the peacekeeping operation in Pridnestrovie as a logical response to concerns about regional security existing among members of the OSCE PA.

PMR's MFA with surprise perceived provisions of the OSCE PA's Resolution which mention the setting up of joint parliamentary commissions within the parliament of Moldova which allegedly should include representatives of the Supreme Council of Pridnestrovie. The Ministry reminds that the idea which was voiced during previous contacts with representatives of the OSCE PA was about granting a foreign ground for an equal dialogue between parliamentarians of the sides with the assistance of OSCE parliamentary structures. 

Adoption of this declaration in the run-up to a regular round of consultations in the 5+2 format, during which the sides with the assistance of guarantors, mediators and observers expect to make further progress on issues of socio-economic range, is regarded by the PMR's MFA as a politicized and quite inopportune step non-contributing to intensification of joint efforts of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova on deblocking of the problems on which significant progress in the interests of the population can be reached.

In this connection, Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry expresses its appreciation to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus for the principled and responsible position manifested in their refusal to back this document having little in common with real strengthening of the basis of regional security.