Nina Shtanski: «Obviously here is a new attempt to strangle Pridnestrovie by stopping major production units»


This was what Deputy Prime Minister of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski declared during an interview with the special correspondent of Radio “Sputnik Moldova” (MIA “Russia Today”) in the context of the situation concerning Moldova’s refusal to renew the license of the “KVINT” plant.

Responding to the journalist’s question about what impact a new round of the economic blockade against Pridnestrovian economic agents by the Republic of Moldova will have on the negotiation process, Nina Shtanski noted that in the current circumstances it is precipitate to make any statements because at the moment the negotiation process is actually in stagnation. “The last meeting of political representatives was finished rather unconventional – we had to interrupt it just because of the fact that the discussions related to the situation in our enterprise “KVINT” assumed a very unfriendly character, and partners have allowed themselves to speak in an unfriendly tone” - said the diplomat.

The Foreign Minister noted that it can be said that a number of activities planned by international partners in the context of confidence-building between Pridnestrovie and Moldova at this stage is already postponed to a later date. “The Moldovan side has notified us that they are not ready for such discussions, that in general I find quite logical, because if we are talking about “Confidence building measures ...”, we should understand that it is difficult to strengthen what unfortunately does not exist” – stated the Minister.

During the interview Nina Shtanski also noted that according not only to the official Tiraspol, but also to the international experts the decisions of the Moldovan side are political and demonstrate a new round of “undisguised economic blockade”. “We are told openly that now the Republic of Moldova has decided to change its approach towards Pridnestrovian enterprises. Obviously here is a new attempt to strangle Pridnestrovie by stopping major production units, hence – the largest taxpayers. Our assessment of the situation was given in Kishinev not so long ago, when I met with Mr. Osipov. We believe that it is irresponsible clumsy assault, through which someone in Kishinev is just playing an unfair and very dangerous game” – emphasized the diplomat.

In the course of talking to journalists Nina Shtanski again drew attention to the actual destruction of the special approach to the Pridnestrovian enterprises enshrined in the Moldovan legislation, under which in 2006 the Pridnestrovian economic agents were forced to register in the Republic of Moldova. “Then they were assured that such registration will not bear any negative consequences. Moreover, they will not have any relations with the fiscal authorities of the Republic of Moldova and its budget. Of course, the rules have changed from year to year, unfortunately, and we have talked about it constantly, but now Moldova crosses out them completely”–the Minister said.

Nina Shtanski expressed hope that there are “prudent minds” among the partners in Kishinev, who understand the harmfulness of the consequences: “the consequences not only for inhabitants of Pridnestrovie, Moldova and businesses, but also for the dialogue between the parties. Because when this year in Moldova finally another political team was formed, the Pridnestrovian leadership publicly announced its principle of “do no harm” in the dialogue, putting this principle at the forefront, while Moldova is now trying to reject it. I hope everyone understands that the risks of the tension proliferation can arise equally for all” – summarized Nina Shtanski.