The Head of State Evgeny Shevchuk held a meeting with the leadership of the ANO “Eurasian integration”


President of Pridnestrovie Yevgeny Shevchuk met with the delegation of the ANO “Eurasian integration”. State Duma Deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Council of the ANO “Eurasian Integration” Aleksei Zhuravlev and Director of the ANO “Eurasian Integration” Alexander Argunov informed the President about progress in the construction of social facilities, which were conducted on the territory of the PMR by the Russian NGO.

The representatives of the ANO “Eurasian Integration” said that the work was ongoing in all the construction sites according to a fixed schedule. Some of them are nearing completion. “The kindergarten “Buburuza” of the State educational institution “D.Kantemir Republican Moldovan Theoretical Lyceum-Complex” is fully completed. “The preschool will be opened within two weeks, and then its full-time work will start. The kindergarten is staffed. All five preschool institutions which are being constructed through Russia’s non-governmental organization will be commissioned in the next 2-3 months. Other facilities - in the current year,” - said Alexander Argunov.

During the meeting, attention was paid to the problems faced by the ANO “Eurasian integration” with the implementation of humanitarian projects in Pridnestrovie. One of the main problem – according to the representatives of the non-governmental organization – is depreciation of the Russian ruble against the U.S. dollar. “The economy is in a difficult situation now. In addition, due to the prevailing situation in Ukraine, we face with difficulties in the supply of goods to the republic. The contractors working with the state have also difficulties. In this case, all facilities are built without an increase in funding,” - said Aleksei Zhuravlev.

The Russian delegation emphasized the particular importance of the humanitarian project implemented in the PMR. “Our task is so important that we cannot afford to lose our way in assisting Pridnestrovie,” - said Alexander Argunov.

In his turn, President Yevgeny Shevchuk thanked the leadership of the ANO “Eurasian Integration” for the support that they provided for the citizens of the PMR.

For reference: the social and humanitarian programme of the ANO “Eurasian Integration” includes social projects in the following areas: health care, preschool education, primary and higher education. In the first stage 12 facilities are being built: a pediatric hospital, a chemotherapy unit, two TB dispensaries, Medical Faculty, five kindergartens and two secondary schools, within the second stage - a concrete plant has been built, the construction of perinatal centre has started.