Nina Shtanski: “Moldova introduces new rules for Pridnestrovian enterprises”


During the today meeting between political representatives of Pridnestrovie and Moldova Nina Shtanski and Viktor Osipov the parties discussed the current situation of denial to extend a license for ZAO Tiraspol Wine&Brandy Distillery “KVINT”.

As noted by Nina Shtanski during the media briefing after the meeting, the license for the plant was not renewed, but also the plant was imposed a list of new requirements, which cannot be fulfilled. Moreover, according to her, during the discussion it became clear that the current situation is caused by some “new approaches to Pridnestrovian enterprises” and potentially affects not only “KVINT”, but also other economic agents of the republic.

 “It seems that Moldova is trying to solve a very serious problem irresponsibly and clumsy. We do not understand who can benefit from it as all lose from this today. The consequences of such irresponsible acts can be severe for both sides. We do not understand the situation, when Moldova itself has initiated a special regime for the registration of Pridnestrovian enterprises in 2005, which economic agents were forced to accept in 2006. Now step by step Moldova breaks this mechanism and introduces more new rules, which are totally unacceptable for Pridnestrovian enterprises and, moreover, they cannot even be technically implemented” - said the diplomat.

According to the Foreign Minister, the situation is essentially the “economic war”, and in such conditions it is hard to talk about moving forward on other sensitive issues.

 “We must do everything to avoid wrecking an already difficult discriminatory trade regime for Pridnestrovian enterprises. For us the important principle is “do no harm”. It is with this principle we have started to revive our relationship once Moldova has formed a new political team. Today it has appeared to us that this principle is not shared by everyone here” - said Nina Shtanski.