On the Meeting with Delegation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic


On April 19, Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Sergey Simonenko received delegation of the MFA of the Czech Republic. It consisted of Director of Northern and Eastern Europe Department Martin Košatka, Director of Department for Policy and General Security Jaroslav Kurfirst, officer of Department on North and Eastern Europe Petr Kroužek, and also Ambassador of the Czech Republic Jaromir Kvapil and Counsellor of the Embassy Vladimir Šal.

Representatives of the Czech foreign policy department are visiting Tiraspol for the first time. Participants of the meeting exchanged views about current state of the Moldo-Pridnestrovien settlement process and also discussed some maters relating to the prospects of relations normalisation between Moldova and Pridnestrovie.

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the PMR Sergey Simonenko called upon Czech diplomats to use existing opportunities of bilateral cooperation for obtaining reliable information about the situation developing on the Dniester and its objective estimation. Speaking about prospects for developing contacts between Tiraspol and Chisinau, Deputy Head of the foreign policy of Pridnestrovie marked the need to observe the principle of equality in the settlement, mutual conformity of all decisions, as well as fulfilment of earlier reached agreements.