Concerning the certain statements of the officials of the Republic of Moldova


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic paid attention to certain statements of our colleagues from Moldova's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, particularly those, made by Mr. Yuriy Leanka during the interview to one of the Romanian periodicals.

 We appreciate frank description of the Moldavian side's attitude towards the negotiation with the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic. The essence of such attitude can be described in a few words: if Kishinev does not have enough reasons for leading a constructive political dialog, then

external partners should use the whole arsenal of pressure on Pridnestrovie according to Moldova's order. Such position is not new, it reflects in full the traditional, not depending on current domestic policy situation approaches of Moldavian authorities to the subject area of Moldo-Pridnestrovien settlement. Apparently, it is still believed in Kishinev, that another blockade arrangements can be a substitution for constructive, equal in rights dialog of the two sides of the conflict, the necessity of which is agreed with guarantors, intermediaries and observers of the settlement.

We also would consider extremely important the fact, that our international partners could “make a correction of thinking and views” of those Moldavian politics and officials, who suppose, that in the XXI century it is possible to impose one's own ideas and views on other nation  or to achieve one's own objectives using the methods of pressure and blockades. We believe, that guarantors, intermediaries and observers will consider those guidelines of the Moldavian authorities, which Mr. Leanka and (or) his subordinates are going to defend in the foreign arenas, including that in Moscow on June, 21, and will not allow to break such internationally acknowledged negotiating principles, such as equality of rights, mutual respect, non-use of force or threat of force or any other forms of pressure.