Statement by the Press Service of the MFA of the PMR


On May 7, 2015 News Agency “” spread information about the situation with obtaining licences in the Republic of Moldova by the Pridnestrovian enterprise CJSC Tiraspol Wine & Cognac Factory «KVINT».

In the article “KVINT has been put on the meter” the Moldovan media cites a number of comments from a variety of supposedly reliable sources regarding the current situation with obtaining Moldovan licences.

In particular, the article with a reference to a certain “source in the diplomatic circles” affirms that the allegedly “the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry says that it is ready to allow inspectors to enter Tiraspol so they can see what there is in the factory, but the Foreign Ministry strongly opposes the installation of meters for monitoring the volume of alcoholic products”.

In this context, the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of the PMR considers it necessary to note that the information spread by is untrue. It is regrettable and disappointing that the media positioning itself as a reliable source of information, actively covering the process of normalization of Moldova-Pridnestrovie relations, descends into the level of spreaders of rumours and lies.

The Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie has never stated in any format about its readiness to allow representatives of monitoring bodies of Moldova to enter CJSC Tiraspol Wine & Cognac Factory «KVINT» or any other enterprises of the republic. We emphasize that Pridnestrovie exercises independently the jurisdiction on the controlled territory and the only authorities acting legitimately in the territory of the republic are the structures created in accordance with the Constitution and legislation of Pridnestrovie.

The irresponsible and clumsy attempts to apply Moldovan legislation to entities engaged in foreign economic activities located in Pridnestrovie, to demand admission to them of the Moldovan regulatory bodies are beyond the bounds of the agreements both of the negotiation process, and common sense and are contrary to the principles of the normal conflict-free interaction.

The Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie concerns about such manifestations, which are able to completely ruin the already difficult negotiations of the sides. The PMR's MFA informed the leadership of Pridnestrovie about the approaches voiced today by Moldova’s representatives with a view to developing appropriate solutions.

The Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the media of Moldova not to follow unfounded speculations, unchecked rumours in their articles and to be responsible informing the public about the real situation in the dialogue between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, which is already burdened with systematic unilateral actions on the part of the Moldovan partners, their inconsistency and constant changes in approaches.